Monday, April 26, 2010

New Man

2 Corinthians Chapter 5 deals with our transforming into a new creation and leaving behind the things of old. When we realize just who God is and what an amazing opportunity we have to live under and through His power it is crazy not accept this gift! Last night I was watching Avatar, in one scene the human is attempting to infiltrate the Navi with his avatar body. He sees this as an way to gain from them but they see a it as a way to test him to decide if he (we) can be cured of this insanity as it is called. (Looking at the world and creatures as objects to fill our greed, lust and selfish ambition.) I believe we have the same opportunity when we come to Christ, yes the scales fall off our eyes, yes we do become true believers in the Power of the Living God, but we can choose to ignore it, use it to our advantage or let that Power changes us forever. The guy in Avatar had to spent time with this new way of life, he had to learn and let it in. After a fair amount of time he was ready to die to defend it. Entering into this new life is an awesome one time experience of trusting Christ, entering into the life fulfilling adventure of becoming a true child of the "Way" (of following Christ), takes some time and effort, but is is time and effort well spent! Give yourself completely to this new life and the reward will be outta this world!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hearing God

Hearing the voice of God is not always as hard as we make it out to be. First, we have His Word, Jesus even simplified the process by telling us the Greatest commandment was love. Love God and Love people. With this in mind we can be free to live our lives, get married, don't get married. Go to college, get a job, change our job whatever as long as we are guided by this simple love factor. As we grow in Christ we certainly seem to make things (simple decisions), much more complex than they need to be. When you start expecting a clear answer to every facet of your life from almighty God I can see how that may lead to some frustration. Look most parents don't want to have to make every decision for their children especially when they have grown, (well some do but that's definitely not what your Father wants to do). Trust God!! Will you choose right all of the time? Probably not, but you will have lived! I have made some MONUMENTAL mistakes in my walk with God, and yes some that I would love to have a do-over but I count on Romans 8:28 and if you will also then your faith is where it belongs.

Wondering what we should do for God is a little harder to figure out. I have always heard the expression of birthing an Ishmael. Well I don't know about that, if you are centered on God, His Son and His Word whatever you decide to do for Him will be fun, exciting and very fruitful. Hey you can wait for your burning bush or use the good old sheep fleece. But if nothing definite happens, how about working in your Church's daycare, or mowing the church lawn. If you want more than that go preach in the street or leave some tracts. Remember its not always so easy to hear the voice of God, but you can always love a little deeper and give a little more of yourself.
God Bless,

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Men Of Honor -Love and honor of the wife

If you are married one of the biggest indications of your walk with God is how you relate, treat and communicate with your wife. A little while ago as I was speaking to a brother in the Lord in my office, his phone rang and as I listened to his tone and content I thought it must be his son. He was short and to the point and kept asking this person what they needed . I thought that it was a little harsh but maybe the kid had gotten himself in some hot water or something. As the conversation neared its end and my friend spoke the name of the party out loud I almost fell out of my chair. It was his wife!
Now the amazing this about this is his wife has recently began to serve the Lord, is currently doing the Fireproof study book and is trying to become all she can be for the Lord her husband and family.
When I asked him about his tone to her he said that resentments from the past make it almost impossible to be nice. A few minutes later the phone rang again and this time he answered with "hell0 sweetheart what do you need"? I thought wow my check must have really brought out his better side! Within a few minutes I realized that it wasn't his wife he was speaking to but his daughter! Wow , I said after they hung up, does your wife hear you speak to your daughter that way? I'll get in the rest of our conversation later as well as some great points for learning how to love and honor your wife, but for now let me ask you this, is your wife the most important relationship you have after the Lord? If not, chances are your relationship with the Lord probably has a way to go. More Later!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Fear

So many people want you to believe that hope is lost and the best is behind. That the economy is unrecoverable and that our country and world are in a free fall in to darkness. With all the gloom and doom i just want to spread a little truth, Christ is alive, He is on the throne and He is a rewarder of those that seek Him out.
Instead of looking into the next conspiracy (true or untrue) how about looking into the face of your creator. He has it all under control! Without FAITH it is impossible to please God. Wow, settle your heart, your dreams and your future on His love and grace and although darkness may last for a night, hope comes in the morning. He loves you and He will deliver you. Do yourself a favor BEFORE you read the paper or listen to the news, read Psalm 91, then read it again. If you place your life in His hands, He will keep you and guard you. That's His promise and mine, I do believe...
God Bless

Monday, September 21, 2009

Dream 9/19/09

Two island stand apart, an almost mirror image of one another. The ocean between them separates them by only a short distance. A small boat is fishing close to the far island, the one un-inhabited, a least by man. As the fishermen pull in their catch a sound behind them makes them quickly turn around (one looks like Keano Reeves). On a larger boat their are several men, official looking men who have hooked onto their boat and have thrown down two small floatation devises. The official says "I am sorry, but we have not sent a sacrifice to the island in a long time, we are afraid that if the beast is not appeased he will come and endanger life on our island". One of the two fishermen become deftly afraid and also angry at the same time. He has heard the monstrous noise of the beast and he knows that all others who have been sent as sacrifices have never returned. In his anger he explodes, "I will honor this choice, only because I have watched others sent to the island out of fear for my own safety, but I demand that I am allowed to pick up some provisions for myself! As he looks into the ocean he see three staffs floating on top. The one in the middle seems to be reaching to him , perhaps useful as weapon or protection device. He is taken to the home island, it is teeming with life and business. He enters a bait shop and gets a small pocket knife and some cans of food. Before he walks out, his anger at being removed from this place of safety results in him swinging the staff and smashing items in a glass display case.

He is now on the island. The two islands although nearly identical have very different meanings attached to them. The other island is his home, a place of comfort and reliability. It is safe and all he needs to live are at that island.
This island is known as the home of the beast.
Although no one has ever seen the beast they have heard the incredible roar and have feared that the beast would someday come and destroy their peaceful existence.

As he looks into a cave not far from shore he sees the remains of all who came before him. Out of fear they stayed in the cave eventually succumbing to the elements and or starvation. He hears the roar of the beast, but does not hesitate to venture and see. He will not die this way, in fear, waiting.
As he come around the hillside he sees the beast!
It is the incredible sound and energy of the waves crashing against massive rocks! There was never a real beast, only the fear of the unknown! Now this island is his to master and to prosper! All of this incredible opportunity and it is his only because he dared to face the unknown, the beast or lack thereof has now become his place of blessing...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Holy Spirit

The last few weeks we have been having a great time of worship and intersession at New Beginnings Church. It is supposed to be a bible study but the last two times we have had a great time in the Lord praying for one another. Paul talks allot about the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the bible but especially that one might prophecy. When the Spirit moves the words of knowledge and the gifts begin to be used, a person is truly ministered to deep within their heart. Man if you have not received the Holy Spirits supernatural gifting please contend! God is moving and He wants you and I to be a part of that movement, time is short and getting shorter. Pray Hard!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

God is able

When I start to think I have to change my circumstances by my own strength I usually end up farther away from my goal instead of closer to it. Getting in a hurry is such an easy thing to do, but man it can cost so much in time and effort as well as the mental taxation it takes whenever a setback occurs. I am waiting right now for something I believe the Lord promised but I know that it is in His time and not mine. The Lord prepares us to accomplish what He has set before us and if we will allow the time it takes to do the internal work we will enter the blessing with the competence that we need to sustain the Lords work. Waiting on the Lord. It's not easy but if you do, it will be well worth it!